Membership of IORG Inc is open to all individuals, institutions and corporations who have a firm commitment to the aims and goals of the group.

The aims and goals of the group are to:

  • Encourage research on geopolitical, security, economic, socio-cultural, environmental, scientific and technological issues relevant to the Indian Ocean region
  • Promote dialogue on the peaceful uses and ecologically sustainable development of maritime resources based on the principle of Common Heritage
  • Foster interstate cooperation in the sustainable management of ocean resources and the peaceful resolution of maritime disputes
  • Ensure a holistic discourse on the human and environmental security of the region among its states, peoples and communities
  • Contribute to an understanding of the causes as well as the effects of a wide range of non-traditional regional security threats
  • Facilitate information flow and discussion on international maritime regimes and the rights of states and local communities representing the Indian Ocean region
  • Initiate informed policy debate among governments, NGOs, business groups, academics and other stakeholders in the Indian Ocean region on issues of common concern

Benefits for Members:

The membership fee includes an annual subscription to the society's flagship journal, the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region. The journal is produced in affiliation with the Indian Ocean Rim Association. Applications for membership can be received at any time - we will send you your back copies (where relevant) upon receipt of the application form and payment of the fee.

Additional benefits include:

Advance notice of Calls for Papers to the journal; 

The opportunity to submit interesting pieces to our blog; 

The opportunity for your Indian Ocean-related books and papers to be uploaded or linked on our website (always subject to copyright considerations); 

The opportunity to publicise your upcoming Indian Ocean-related conferences, events, courses, or other news; 

Receipt of regular emails containing society news and free resources on recently published Indian Ocean-related research and reports as we come across them; and

Preferential invitations to write book reviews for the journal. 

We are shortly going to publicise a list of all the society members so you can get to know each other (with permission of the member); there will be further improvements and additions, and we hope the webpage will become a living reflection of the academic output of the society members. 

News about upcoming conferences and events will also be posted on the blog, which is connected to the Journal's Twitter account. You can follow the journal on @JournalIOR


Membership Subscription:

The annual cost of IORG Inc. membership is as follows:

Your annual fee would be (depending on which currency you prefer):

  • US$50
  • AU$55
  • £32 
  • €42

Payment is arranged via the publisher of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (Taylor and Francis), as receipt of the journal is an important benefit of membership, and Taylor and Francis is well set up to handle international payments via credit card. 

Please note that these fees are applicable during 2016; from 2017 onward they are subject to change, because the journal is moving from two editions annually to three editions per year. 

If you are keen to join us, please confirm by return email to: and you will be added to the list of society members. You will also be contacted by the publisher regarding payment of the fee. 

Please apply for membership here: