News on upcoming book by Tim Doyle and Dennis Rumley, 'The Rise and the Return of the Indo Pacific' - featured in Australia Asia Pacific Institute Research Review, April-June 2017

Indian Ocean research and engagement

Tim Doyle and Dennis Rumley are busy writing The Rise and Return of the Indo Pacific, an Oxford University Press contracted publication scheduled for release in late 2018/early 2019. The research underpinning this publication explores the Indo- Pacific concept as an ambiguous and contested regional security construction, currently gaining significant traction in both geopolitical-strategic theorizing and policy-making circles.

Dennis, who is the author, co-author, editor and co-editor of more than 130 academic publications, said, “I have never enjoyed writing so much in my life. It’s the biggest and most amazing project I have every worked on. It’s so time-consuming, so challenging, so complex, and so very interesting. It’s pushing me into corners I’ve never been to in such depth, especially regarding foreign policy narratives and international relations theoretical frameworks, with so many, yet invariably contested, connections.”

A research publication to look out for in due course.